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Mastani Face Cream for Dry Skin - Best Cream for Dry Skin

Product Code: MFC0010
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Buy online best selling Indian herbal Cream for Dry Skin on Face to help in making skin smooth, glowing & fairness without any side effect. Amruta Pharma is an India’s 1st Pharmaceutical Company providing post sales service for you.

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Fix your Deserted Skin with Complete Moisturizing!!!
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✔ 99% are recommended Mastani for Face Cream

✔ 100% users avoid other treatments

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✔ Acts as a perfect toner for your skin, 80% enjoy this product

✔ One of the best and only herbal cream that is very useful for your skin

Description: - Mastani Dry Skin Cream is specially manufactured under the chief advisor of Dr. V.V Tayade. Face Cream for Dry Skin is made with the combination of 10 herbs which is perfectly made used for deserted dry skin. If you suffer from such skin problems don’t worry, you should use this ayurvedic formula which fills your pores with important oils and other organic supplements. Applying cream on the dry skin easily smoothen the roughness of the skin, also removes the marks, rashes and inflamed area on the face or neck. These herbs contain vitamin B3 and anti-oxidants that deeply nourishes and enhances the skin


Claim :- The 10 selected Ayurvedic herbs are used to make this cream.


Perfect for skin lightening,smoothening of tone soothes the acne prone sensitive skin and even helpseliminating pimples/acne. It brightens the skin, fades dark marks and pimples,etc. One of the best product Face Cream for Dry Skin is widely used by teens and women’s above the age of 16 years. 

Almond Oil

It is one of the best antiviral,antibacterial, anti-itchy, antifungal and antispasmodic properties which arevery effective for skin problems. It is easily absorbed in the skin andprevents UV damage on the skin. You seriously want this Best Cream for Dry Skin. 

Neem Patra

It has the best anti-fungal andantibacterial properties which help on dry and oily skins. It contains VitaminC which helps to get rid of blackheads, dullness, pigmentation, aging, etc. Oneof the best natural ingredients usedin Face Cream for Dry Skin. 

Tankan Khar

Helpful for Microbial infectionsand other conditions, best for mineral compound. It amazingly fights bacterialand fungal infection. Effectively cures allergic reactions, weight loss, bonehealth, microbial infections and other conditions. One of the most usefulingredients used in Cream for Dry Face.


It is essential for treatingvarious problems. It prevents for all skin infections. Makes your skin to glowand have great freshness. It is widely used in medical products, also used in Creamfor Dry Skin. Surprisingly Vacha isanti microbial.   


Jethimadh Works wonderfully asanti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-tumor, antimicrobial and expectorantproperties. It is mostly used to treat psoriasis, dry & itchy skin, skinrashes, dermatitis and eczema. This helps to decrease the symptoms of skin disorders,used in Face Cream for Dry Skin. 

Savira herb

Salmli herb contains white fiberand the gum of this herb has plenty of uses. The gum relieves sores, wounds onskin, etc. It is very special herb which was used in ancient times. Best Facialfor Dry Skin contains this herb as aspecial ingredient.

Daru Haldi

Again acts perfectly asantibacterial, antifungal, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant whichprevents rashes, acne, pimple picks and itchy of skin. Helps to correctmetabolism, treat eye diseases, improve the liver function. Though used in FaceCream for Dry Skin, it is richly effective for skin.


Honey is the beautifulmoisturizer for skin and also brightens your skin for beautiful look. Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders,anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, heals wounds and burns easily. Well know iningredients in Best Facial for Dry Skin. 


Manjistha contains sulfur andtannins, effectively eliminates bacterial infections. It improves thecomplexion, heals cracked, wrinkly and rough skin. Best Facial for Dry Skin has thiscontains of Manjistha. It wonderfully works internally and externally topromote skin glow and lustre.

Mastani Face Cream for Dry Skin has wonderfully brought a powerful impact on many people’s skin health issues, in states like Bangalore (Karnataka), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Maharashtra, Delhi with absolutely Free Consultation Service. Also get Free Expert Talk after every alternative of 10 days while you are using Mastani Face Cream for Dry Skin, this is one of the best gifts from Amruta Pharma for you and your family!!!

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