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Mastani Face Cream

Product Code: MFC006
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Buy best selling online Indian ayurvedic mastani skin whitening face cream, it makes your skin smooth, shiny, glowing and reduces dark circles without any side effect. Amruta Pharma is an India’s 1st Pharmaceutical Company providing post sales service.


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Description: - Mastani Face Cream is made with 10 essential herbs is widely used in the pure manufacturing of ayurvedic face cream. It improves the skin texture by removing dead cells which helps in reducing of pimples, dark spots and blemishes. It beautifully helps in skin lightening and acts as a moisturizer for the nourishment of the skin. As it’s made with rare effective herbs like kumari, manjistha, cannabis sativa and more, it is thrice helpful for the skin. Altogether works as cooling agent, antibacterial and natural remedy for all skin types.


Claim :- The 10 selected Ayurvedic herbs are used to make this cream.

Aloe Vera

Kumari in English known as Aloe-Vera, it acts as a cooling property for sunburn skin and for other minor skin infections. It protects your skin by retaining moisture. It is one of the best herbs that prevents wrinkles, has a natural quality to heal. It also acts as anti- bacterial agent in fighting for infections, widely used in the production of natural face cream.


Manjistha used in ayurvedic face cream as it is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. It lowers anxiety and other depression problems. Heals faster for bruises and other joint pain and swelling, easily relieves skin related issues like acne, boils and other allergic problems.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is other effective herbs found in the inner areas of India, relieves the burning sensation of the skin. Easily purifies blood and improves skin overall. Cannabis Sativa is used in ayurvedic creams for glowing skin. It gives relieve from pain, lowers weight, fights cancer, helps to reduce depression and gives faster healing for broken bones.


Haridra is very useful which improves the complexion of the skin. It is used in manufacturing of ayurvedic face cream. It enhances healing for metabolism, reduces unwanted fat in the body, and cures diabetes and liver problems. It is very helpful in preventing cancer and other related disease too.


Shalmali clears skin problems, widely used in all ayurvedic face cream for healthy skin type. It improves the texture and tone of the skin by giving natural glow & shine on the face. It also prevents cancer. Shalmali acts as antioxidants and intensively moisturizes your skin.

Daru Haldi

Daruhaldi cures metabolism, improves liver functions and nourishes the skin tone. It act as anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling on any part of the body. It is considered as one of the best herb that nourishes skin tone. It also supports the urinary tract functions. Used in all natural face cream.


Yesthimadhu enhances color and other complexion of the skin. It is the best immunity builder. Specifically it gives good eyesight and vision. Yesthimadu is an excellent blood purifier. It increases the quality and quantity of the blood. Yesthimadu is best used in making of ayurvedic skin whitening products.


Lodhra in Sanskrit means, “Making the body firmer”. Lodhra nourishes the skin and helps in removal of acne, wrinkles and other pimple issues. It lightens the skin color and reduces skin irritation. Lodhra is given more importance for the production of ayurvedic cream for glowing skin.


Highly efficient for sun burn and rashes, helps in improving texture and prevents sagging of skin. Gives reliefs from skin itch and clears complexion etc. It is used with the combination of other ingredients to make ayurvedic skin whitening.


Kesar easily fights against cancer, builds learning and memory retention. It is widely used in food as flavor in making of beverages. It easily prevents diseases, rejuvenates cells, helps in controlling weight loss and improves respiratory health of the person. For this reason Kesar is used in manufacturing of natural face cream.

* From today look in the mirror and say happy perfect day! Purchase Mastani Face Cream Online at affordable price. Easily helps in rejuvenating your skin to give excellent glow and shiny skin. Buy this ayurvedic face cream with best cost effect.

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We are sure you must be using any of the creams for daily use for skin whitening, shiny skin and so on. Most of the times these do not show any effect on your skin, instead you get minor side effects on your skin such as itchy skin, redness, burning and very small pimples over all your face. Mastani Face Cream has helped many people to avoid such experiences. This product is easily available through Amruta Pharma online pharmacy store. Mastani Face Cream Benefits all skin type.

Why it’s essential to use Mastani Face Pack Cream? It’s sure that we all need special cream that will moisturize your skin in a beautiful way, moisturizing means allowing your skin to have nutrients though different herbs oils or other herb ingredients that are effective in curing skin problems. Your Skin is very sensitive that needs holistic approaches to repair skin naturally and it does not enjoy the combination of anything artificial sources.

Natural face cream also works step by step in healing and allowing best results for your skin.

Step1 – Improves Skin Texture

Clearing skin texture becomes lot more easily for you with Mastani Face Cream. It fills your skin with beautiful effects of herbs that give excellent glow for lifetime. How it works? Skin has different layers altogether where it functions to rejuvenate your system for healthy lifestyle.

Step2- Penetrates Deep in the Pores

The cream is very effective which opens the pores and allows the vitamins and other important nutrients to react in the cells in making them smooth and healthy for outer appearance. Gives natural healthy skin glow and overall improves the skin type. Also Mastani Face Cream is used as Ayurvedic skin whitening.

Step3- Sun Damage Protection

Many years of research has nothing to do with ancient effectiveness of ayurveda. As the one which is natural is always important by any means and its importance will never change. Although wearing sunscreen can prevent you from pre-mature age, exposure to the sun’s powerful rays can bring about fine and deep lines, freckling, reduced skin elasticity, and appearance of “spider veins” – the dilation of small blood vessels beneath your skin. Buying natural face cream can also work thrice effective than sun screen lotion.

Step4- Rejuvenating Process

Once it performs these qualities for you, it later gives a clears healthy skin which is after rejuvenating the skin process. If any face cream does not rejuvenate your skin, then it’s totally a waste product. Why? All natural face cream should be formulates in repairing the skin damage type. Mastani Face Cream easily allows your skin to get rid of acne, wrinkles, dark spots, unhealthy spots on the face and other problems. Why not enjoy these benefits now when the offer are given to you! Buy these products at affordable price and get 10% off/-

Mastani Face Cream is purely an Ayurvedic natural product. It contains herbs that repairs, rejuvenates and revives your skin. You can buy in bulk as well as in quantity required from us. Amruta Pharma is India’s 1st Pharmaceutical Company providing post sales service for you.

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