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Mastani Blood Purifier Syrup

Product Code: MS007
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Buy online best selling Indian mastani ayurvedic natural blood purifier syrup is very useful for give strength to the skin, hair and body to grow. Amruta Pharma is an India’s 1st Pharmaceutical Company providing post sales service for you.


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Description: - Mastani Syrup is ayurvedic blood purifier syrup which is very useful in cleansing the body system for giving clear skin with a natural glow. The formulation is used with 10 different herbs which specifically heals, rejuvenates and revives your internal system. It purifies blood and destroys the bacterial spread over the skin by improving the quality of the skin. The benefits include recurrence of the pimples, natural glow and excellent in giving the best texture and tone to the skin. The effectiveness is very intense which results in giving healthy life without any side effects. The special formula is given under the guidance of Dr V.V Tayade. (Ayurvedic Expert & Chief Advisor).

Importantly it helps to get rid of boils, pimples, skin infections and also unclear skin due to hormonal changes in the body. This product is available online by Amruta Pharma, one of the leading companies for ayurvedic herbals.


Claim :- All the Herbs used are studied for its oral use by our Ayurveda Experts. So it gives excellent results when used.


Manjistha heals various skin picks such as pimples, boils, skin infections and other. This herb for blood purification amazingly acts as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial in curing joint pain, swelling, and other skin related problems. Also clears other allergic problems, naturally very effective.


100% used in food varieties, very useful as natural antiseptic. It is commonly recognized in yellow color. Very useful for burning fat, enhances metabolism, curing and lowering of liver problems, diabetes and very helpful in preventing cancer disease. Perfectly used in ayurvedic blood purifier syrup.


Cannabis Sativa with other herbs for ayurvedic blood purifier syrup relieves many skin disorders. It is one of the best herbs that purifies blood and tones the skin texture. The ingredients used improve health. It benefits for depression, pain and swelling. Give fast recovery for broken legs.

Patol Punchang

It easily clears digestion problems, aids in weight loss, fights against aging of skin and used in control for diabetes & cholesterol. It also improves appetite, diuretic in nature, rich in fiber, easily digestible and purifying of the blood. Mastani syrup is an excellent natural blood purifier herbs.


It is an excellent immunity booster. It treats chronic fever, reduces stress & anxiety, fights against respiratory problems, treats arthritis and also reduces asthmatic symptoms. It works wonderful for purification of blood with combination of other herbs for blood purifier syrup for acne.


Ushira benefits for menstrual problem, brain disorders, lowers burning sensation of the body and helps in balancing normal temperature. It is very helpful for glowing of skin. Best at first place for blood purifier for skin, clears skin dryness, itchiness, wrinkles and other internal factors due to which you face such skin problems.


Aragwadh prevents you from having cardiac diseases and cervical lymphadenitis, also helps in curing fungal, viral, allergic, ulcers and other issues of health. Aragwadh is widely used in blood purifier syrup for acne. Aragwadh also retains in giving a complete cure for holistic approach by rejuvenating the body process.

Neem Patra

Neem is always good for health, it prevents from dryness and itching of the skin. It is used beneficially in fighting against bacterial infection such as acne, boils and ulcers. It’s a good combination with other herbs for ayurvedic blood purifier syrup. It also eliminates various skin disorders like eczema and other skin infections.


A big time of ayurveda will be incomplete without Chirayata. This herb is very essential for healing the bloating of the stomach, gastric problems, and liver disorder and for digestion problems. An herb for blood purification is totally a natural care for your health. Chiryata is also consumed as a nutritious supplement for the body.


Kutki yet another nutritious food for the body, it is very helpful for reliving asthma, reduces inflammation and easily cures pitta and kapha problems. It is completely soluble for the human body, to build immunity and overall helps to revive your body function. It is one of the herbs for blood purification mixed with other combination in Mastani Syrup.

Daru Haridra

Daruharidra an excellent herb used to relief pain and other inflammation. It is a good appetizer, removes toxics from the body and has anti-cancerous properties. Widely used in ayurvedic blood purifier syrup. This enhances the body. Also cures urine infections.

* Don’t worry for your acne problem! Buying ayurvedic blood purifier syrup will help you to control your disturbed body system. Get it now! Available 24 hours!

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Mastani Syrup Benefits

Natural blood purifier herbs are the best pimple free syrup. Its natural formula works from inside to purify blood and attack bacteria. It’s never an easy task to get rid of pimple and acne problems without any solution. But the best thing you can ever use in your life journey is using Mastani Syrup. A well known traditional based herbs for blood purification.

Everyone has different lifestyles and different timing for various activities, no one is restrained to perform in a compulsion way. Using natural blood purifier herbs allows you to be free from pimple picks and boil problems which happens due to many reason of eating and drinking habits. Mastani Syrup is very beneficial for growing teens getting habitat to junk food, for people who have tried end number of other medicines but has got no effect. What are you waiting for? Buy this product and relief yourself from acne problems.

Benefits includes-

Assures result in 7 days – Mastani Syrup has 11 specific herbs that eliminates minor to major infections that causes skin problems. Are you getting any skin problems? Get blood purified in simple way.

Prevents recurrence of pimples – Many applications leave a side effect on the body which is not good.  Herb for blood purification is best way which helps to avoid recurrence of pimples issues.

Pimple free skin with natural glow- Blood purifying syrup also gives you best taste of having natural skin, best texture and tone. It makes easier for your skin tissues and cells to rejuvenate and repair naturally.

The Goodness of Manjistha, Haridra, Sariva and Giloy- These all herbs purely acts as immunity booster, chronic fever, reduces stress, anxiety, relief pain and other inflammation. Mainly it destroys infections and improves your body system
Safe and Thrice Effective- Mastani Syrup is excellent choice for the buyers, it has been used from an ancient times, today it has widely manufactured by Amruta Pharma under the chief advise of Dr. V.V Tayade.
Find a difference in your life by using Mastani syrup, easily digestible and immunity booster for clearing your skin texture, tone and leaves you with excellent glow. It is perfectly made with excellent choice of natural blood purifier herbs.


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* From today look in the mirror and say happy perfect day! Purchase Mastani Syrup Online at affordable price. Easily helps in rejuvenating your skin to give excellent glow and shiny skin. Buy this ayurvedic syrup with best cost effect.

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