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Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion - Natural Anti Dandruff Lotion For Dry & Itchy Scalp

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Buy online mastani best selling Indian herbal anti dandruff lotion to get rid of dandruff and silky, shiny-long hairs without any side effect natural way. Amruta Pharma is an India’s 1st Pharmaceutical Company providing post sales service for you.

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✔ Remains 1st ayurvedic lotion for Dandruff Problems

✔ Remains 1st ayurvedic lotion for Dandruff Problems

Description: - Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion is an excellent choice made from 9 herbs. This Lotion makes hair strong, silky and gives efficient hair growth. It is a unique blend for hair made from nature’s herb that gives healthy scalp and strong hair roots. It also revives the hair growth system which prevents you from having premature falling of hair.

The product is specifically made to fight against the dandruff and dead cells and removes many obstacles which stops the growth of hair and lessens the quality of hair shine. Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion is one of the most advanced lotions produced by Amruta Pharma. Hair treatment for dandruff can be possible with possibilities of herbal application.



Shikakai is one the precious ingredients used in making of Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion. It is beneficial for dandruff and other scalp related problem. When you apply it and massage softly using your finger tips it will give more foam which cleanses your hair easily. Best used for natural treatment for dandruff.


Ritha is another excellent hair cleaner. The application of Ritha on your scalp allows a complete wash of dandruff & white flakes from your hair. This herb is used alone as well as used with other herbs as a strong combination to avoid many reasons of Dandruff problems and hair flakes. It is counted as more referred herb for scalp treatment for dandruff.


Kumari is known for Aloe Vera herb. It has many benefits for human body, right from hair to the toe. Specifically speaking for hair it clears unhygienic scalp conditions, de- stresses your mind and over reliefs you from hair fall etc. It is overall used for natural hair care products.


Maka again is a super herb, when applied reliefs’ headache and other problems related to hair. Most interestingly it also rejuvenates hair for better growth. Maka is used for making of herbal products for hair especially it is perfectly combined with other herbs in Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion.


Jaswand strengthens your hair roots which allows for better hair growth. It has the ability to stimulate blood circulation which helps the growing process of hair. Jaswand is widely used in the manufacturing of natural hair care products.


Mahendi is also known as henna, usually is applied for the cooling of the hair. It is antimicrobial, antifungal for this reason it clears the scalp infection. Also it removes itchy scalp and completely moisturizes your hair for better look. One of the heaviest and important herbs combined for healthy hair and in making of herbal products for hair.

Neem Patra

Neem Patra is very useful for hair loss problems. It improves the growth and also acts as anti- agent for fighting against many bacterial causing hair problems. Prevents premature graying, removes head lice, treats the itchy scalp and treats infections in the scalp. It is really helpful for natural hair care products.


The main benefit of Tulsi is it improves the blood circulation and keeps your scalp cool by reducing itchiness and dandruff problems. It directly strengthens the root and keeps the dandruff away. It is excellent for herbal products for hair.


An excellent solution for hair growth, it is widely used for giving complete relaxation to your mind. It easily gives long and smooth hair. It also prevents skin disorders and disease. You will find this herb used in every natural hair care products.

Mastani Anti- Dandruff Lotion has wonderfully brought a powerful impact on people’s hair dandruff problem, in states likeBangalore (Karnataka), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Maharashtra, Delhi with absolutely Free Consultation Service. Also get Free Expert Talk after every alternative of 10 days while you are using Mastani Anti- Dandruff Lotion this is one of the best gifts from Amruta Pharma for you and your family!!!

* Save money! Buy Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion and avoid all the expensive treatment! Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion is the best for use for eliminating the Dandruff problems.

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Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion Benefits

Buy this extra ordinary anti-dandruff lotion to eliminate dandruff problems such as bacterial spread due to excessive dandruff. The main cause of dandruff is excessive scalp oil, and due to dryness of the skin of the scalp the emitted oil gets deposited as white flakes on the skin.  The unbalanced pH on the scalp is responsible for the growth of the dandruff. Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion easily helps to get rid of such dandruff issues. It nourishes the hair completely by making it healthy and strong.

This herbal treatment for dandruff product is made of 9 herbs that include Shikakai, Ritha, Kumari, Maka, Jaswand, Mahendi, Neem Patra, Tulsi and Jatamasi. Right from improving the blood circulation, acting as anti- bacterial agent, excellent cleaner, rejuvenating hair growth process, strengthening of hair to the removal of itchy skin. All these have been working progressively to millions of people who have used it.

More Benefits include as follows-

Exclusive cleaners

Herbs like shikakai and ritha are the best hair cleanser that removes dust, dirt and other unwanted elements from the hair. They have antifungal properties and other nutrients to cleanse and nourish the minutest areas of your hair and scalp. They make hair softer and stronger.

Cools your Mind

Every product that you use for hair that is ayurvedic herbal anti-dandruff lotion should have the best cooling properties like tulsi, an excellent herb that gives cooling to the scalp and allows the mind to relax completely. Mastani anti-dandruff lotion includes Tulsi and Neem, these herbs deeply penetrate in the cell and tissues reaching in the roots of the hair which cools and removes all the unwanted flakes and other bacterial spread on your scalp. Wonderfully removes itchy scalp and other such problems due to dandruff problems.

Prevents Skin Disease

Herbs like Kumari, Mehendi and Jatamasi are excellent properties to heal your skin on your scalp, many times due to dandruff you get itchy skin that leads to skin infection and skin disorders. Do you know this if not taken carefully can even effect from mind. Low concentration, confusion and sudden raise of temper becomes an often behavior of the person. Why give yourself so many problems? The best way to eliminate dandruff in fast and easy way is by using Mastani anti- dandruff lotion. 

Eliminates Dandruff Completely

Dandruff is produced in every moment when you fail to take care of your hair. If you want to get rid of dandruff completely you should use anti dandruff lotion continuously. This eliminates dandruff completely from your scalp. Mastani Dandruff Lotion is one of the best lotions made under the guidance of our chief advisor and ayurvedic expert Dr. V.V Tayade.

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* Save money! Buy Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion and avoid all the expensive treatment! Mastani Anti Dandruff Lotion is the best for use for eliminating the Dandruff problems.

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