Two Inspirational Weight Loss Stories Women Who Commits To Be Fit

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When I was younger, I longed to be skinny. I’ve weighed as much as almost 90 kgs. I’ve been all the way down 120 kgs. I spent all my free time at the gym running. Everyone just continued giving me opinions on weight loss. But when I met my husband, I felt I am the luckiest women.

My husband loved me for who I was. I no longer felt to give any proof regarding what I look like to anyone. So without any stress, I continued eating junk foods. But it was too late when my weight was 140 kgs and I got to know that I won’t be able to get a child because of my weight. The doctor said that nothing he could until I lost my weight. Those days were really terrible for me. I got to hear unexpected decisions from my family. They ask me to leave their house as I was not to give birth. This news broke me down. I got to hear multiple bitter and harsh words. But I promised my family that just give a year, I’ll lose my weight and give birth also.

I tried various things like going to the gym, running, weight loss pills. But nothing work. Then, fortunately, my friend gave me a suggestion for consuming Linto Plus weight loss pills. It is the best weight loss capsule in India. It is a herbal product for weight loss. It is natural weight loss pills without any side-effects, as it is a combination of 11 natural herbs. Linto Plus weight loss capsules reduce fats and control cholesterol. It builds immunity power and removes toxins from your body. It also makes digestion easy. Capsules that promises so much, I thought it won’t work.

After 8 months when I saw myself in the mirror. I was pleasantly surprised. I checked my weight. It was 80 kgs. After I got serious about my weight, I got to know that I was suffering from Hypothyroidism, which makes it difficult to lose weight. After getting my hormonal imbalance under control, my weight was easier to control with the help of Linto Plus weight loss pills.

I continued consuming Linto Plus weight loss capsules thrice a day before my meals. The year was about to end, I completed the promise I gave to my family. Even they are happy with me, the words I gave them I completed so.

Now after 4 years, chasing a 3 years old daughter and caring a 5 months old son is really all the cardio I get time for. As a mother of 2 children, I don’t about being skinny, all I want is to be healthy. It took me about 30 years to realize that always eating isn’t a life sentence. Now some days I eat salad and drink fruit juice and some days I eat pizza and drink wine. All thanks to Linto Plus Weight Loss Pills.

  -Anika Gupta



When I got married, I had never really thought of diet because as a younger, I used to be skinny. My weight was just 40 kgs. But soon after my delivery, my weight increased to 95 kgs. My doctor said I was suffering from Hypothyroidism followed by Diabetics. My doctor asked me to lose my weight. I started going to the gym, running, dancing and did multiple things. But none of it worked. Time ran, and my daughter completed years of age. She started to notice all the things I used to do. I wouldn’t allow her to drink coke and eat a lot of junk foods but she saw me doing this. And the day came, she demanded coke from me. I realized I wouldn’t be a good example for her if I drink or eat the same junk food. I wanted my daughter to eat good food and be healthy. Therefore, I set my mind to lose the weight. But due to Hypothyroidism, I used to feel hungry all the time.  One day, when I was surfing on the internet, I got to know about Linto Plus Ayurvedic capsules. I wasn’t interested in fad diets because that seems sustainable. But Linto Plus pills need no diet. It makes digestion easy and reduces Cholesterol level. It is the best Ayurvedic weight loss pills.

linto bottle

I wound up losing 20 kgs in 1 yr. I still struggle with this every day, but I have it more under control since I started consuming Linto Plus weight loss capsules. weight loss is a process, which won’t happen overnight. You didn’t gain it overnight so don’t expect to lose it overnight. If you don’t have time for weight loss, then you will have to find time for illness. Through this, I also learned that if you have a bad day, then don’t make it a bad week. All the credit for my weight loss goes to one and only Linto Plus weight loss capsules. In the past few years, I have to consume Linto Plus weight loss pills. Now my weight is 50 kgs and I am no suffering from Diabetics and Hypothyroidism. I also brought a healthy look at me. Now I’ve learned to practice self-care and give myself love.

-Yamini D’Suoza

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