Ayurvedic Hair Loss Oil

Now Amruta Pharma presents an all in one hair oil that nourishes the damaged hair back to health. Mastani Indian Ayurvedic Hair Oil stops hair loss and makes hair growth faster. It also used to get rid of Dandruff and other hair disorders without any side-effects. This product grew efficiently to fulfill the need for all the human hair health. This hair oil gives vitamins, nourishes scalp, repairs hair damage and removes the spoils. This product is useful for all types of hair. As the root lies deep down in Ayurveda. It is very effective for hair. This Ayurvedic hair loss oil can be used by any age of people.

This Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a combination of Indian herbs for hair which includes:-


Amla also known as Indian Gooseberry nourishes the hair roots and makes hair grow fast. Amla also prevents split-ends and dryness. It promotes blood circulation in the scalp. Various shampoos and hair oils are made of it because it is believed that it nourish the hair and scalp and also prevents premature graying. But you won’t get hair growth from other products as fast as Mastani hair oil.


Bhringraj, scientifically named as Eclipta Alba makes hair grow fast and long. It prevents from premature hair graying and balding. It makes hair darker. It also makes hair lustrous. It is very ingredient used in Hair care products. It smoothens and straightens the hair to give a perfect shape and textured to the hair.


Kapoor also called as Camphor. When Kapoor is combined with other Ayurvedic herbs, Kapoor can boost hair growth, relax your mind and reduce stress. It also strengthens hair roots and makes your hair lustrous. It helps to stop hair loss. Kapoor is also used to kill lice and bugs.



Mehandi or Henna improves hair growth and reduces hair fall. It helps to prevent dandruff. It also controls scalp itchiness, maintains balance and keeps scalp clean. It repairs split-ends. It makes your hair shiny, thick, lustrous, soft, and manageable. It can be used for oily scalp and dry hair. It is also called as natural hair dye.


Jaswant produce amino acids that nourish hair, strengthens root and keep hairs strong and lustrous. It is also used as a conditioner preventing dryness, frizz and breakage. Jaswant stimulates hair regrowth from dormant follicles and bald patches. This makes hair more thick.


Neem patra can be used as conditioning frizzy and rough hair. It makes scalp and hair healthy. It prevents Dandruff and hair lice. It also prevents split-ends, dry and premature graying of hair. Neem also promotes hair growth.


Chironji also called as Charoli is natural hair dye and natural strengthener. It is also used to moisturize and conditioning your hair. It is also known as natural detangler, whether your hair is wet or dry it prevents from tangles and knots.   


Neel powder also known as Indigo is also used as natural hair dye and does not harm your hair in any way. Neel powder conditions your hair and treats Dandruff. Regular use of Neel powder prevents premature graying hair. When neel powder is blend with henna, it will give you rice brown color and also gives you lush hair.


Pudina also known as Peppermint prevents hair problems such as hair disorders such as Dandruff, head lice and many more. Pudina is a healthy combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It promotes hair health.


Kapoor Kachli has properties of antioxidant and antiseptic. It helps hair growth thicker and stronger by stimulating the scalp. It also helps as a natural detangler and conditioner. It gives a pleasant odour and shine.  


Vala repairs the cracks of each hair and balance moisture. It makes hair brilliant and shine. Through Vala, hair becomes more capable to style with desired volume and texture.


Jatamasi is very helpful in the growth of hair. It makes hair smooth, silk and healthy. It makes hair color more attractive. The root of the powder in water when applied promotes hair texture.

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