Listen!!! Please don’t use ‘Cosmetics’ for your Skin!!! Check Out Why???

The Best Ayurvedic Skin Care Products are made with the combination of ayurvedic herbs. Not to scare you, but here is a fact why you should not use cosmetics for your face or body skin care. Some may experience the side effect and some may not. The reason is very understandable, due to its strong presence of chemical acid such as Diazolidinyl urea and DMDM Hydantoin release formaldehyde which affects your mental senses by giving heachache etc. Reports say there are almost 61% of Asian women who use cosmetics.

Few chemicals that are a counter threat for you are :-

2. Sodium Borate /Boric Acid
3. Coal Tar
4. Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives
5. PEG Compounds
6. Mercury
7. Hydroquinone
8. Oxybenzone
9. Triclosan
10. Parabens
11. Fragrance
12. Phthalates
13. Petroleum distillates
14. Siloxanes
15. Retinol, or Retinyl Palmitate/Acetate

All of these compounds specifically effects in giving side effects such as following :-

1. Headaches- The most common that goes unnoticed
2. Hair Problems-Hair fall and greying of hair is mostly happening to few womens
3. Acne- The biggest problems due to some cosmetic chemicals
4. Skin Allergies- Rashes, small boils, tiny pimples all over the face etc
5. Eye Infections-Facial foams effects the eyes by giving irriattion and eye problems
6. Infertility-Few tablets consumed as anti-bacterial makes kills the fertility power
7. Premature Ageing- Early aging skin is another fact of side effects
8. Hormonal Imbalance- Blood purifying syrup made with chemical may bring hormonal imbalance

Use Mastani Skin Care Herbal Products for awesome results without any side effects. Dr. Vinayak Tayade and Chief Advisor formulated this just for two important things. One is for REAL BEAUTY and other NO SIDE EFFECTS. Ayurvedic Skin Care Kit has five important naural products which includes:-

1. Mastani Face Pack
2. Mastani Face Cream – Dry Skin
3. Mastani Face Cream- Oily Skin
4. Mastani Face Cream – Normal Skin
5. Mastani Herbal Blood Purifying Syrup

This gives best result in all time for your face and Skin Care. Always take the Best Natural Treatment. Also feel free for any queries along with Free Consultation.