Keep the flu at bay with an organic natural immunity booster, Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash is an Indian dietary supplement mixed with the cooked mixture of spices and herbs. It’s been ages since the first Chyawanprash product was manufactured. The origin of this product is it is an ancient formulation product. In the various Indian Holy books claims that Ashwini Kumar brothers who were twins were known as  Rajvaidya to devas during the Vedic times. They first prepared this formulation for Chyawan Rishi at his ashram on Doshi hill near Narnaul, Haryana, India, hence the name Chyawanprash. After that many co. have made parallel products of Chyawanprash with the same ingredients. Amruta Pharma is one of the biggest Ayurvedic product manufacturers  in India. We are also the leading brands for selling various herbal products. It is an online store which has the various healthcare products. With growing technology, we can’t totally depend on the advanced medicines which are the mixture of the chemicals and the metals. The human body is made with the Holistic approach which directly needs organic supplements from nature for various health issues and for the wellness of the body. We have manufactured a similar product which is organic and ayurvedic. Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash, It is an ayurvedic Chyawanprash to boost Immune system which can be consumed by Men, women, and kids.

Chyawanprash Ingredients:

Chyawanprash is an ayurvedic herbal supplement that is added to your diet. It is formulated under an Ayurvedic Specialist V.V.Tayyade. It is made with the 27 natural herbs. The ingredients are Amla, An Indian gooseberry, Vanshlochan, Dashmool (Khwath), Brahmi, Harda, Loha Bhasma these are the ayurvedic medicinal materials which are accepted by our Ayurvedic specialist. These are all the core herbs that have a lot of health benefits and are used in many ayurvedic medicines and treatments.

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash

Below is the listing of the various health benefits of this product. There are loads of Chyawanprash benefits which includes:

Puts a stop to various seasonal infections:

This is one of the best Chyawanprash brands that helps in preventing the seasonal infections that occur during the winter or monsoon seasons. As these seasons start, people with low immune system gets affect easily with the viral fever, flu such as a runny nose, headache, dry cough, muscle pain, sore throat and dry cough. Consuming Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash helps in fighting against these illnesses. It has the anti-inflammation properties which help in having a proper digestive system. It balances the inner system of our metabolism activity which inhibits various infections.

Helps in respiratory problems:

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash is very supportive of the digestive system because it contains the substances that help in eliminating the toxins and acts as a cleanser for our body. It balances the stomach acids. One of the major herbs is Amla, it contains Vitamin C which has a lot of anti-oxidants that makes the bowels clean and also provides you a glowing and healthy skin.

Helps in the reproductive system and sexual increase:

Chyawanprash is also used in the rejuvenation purpose. It is not directly meant to focus on the sexual arousal as we all know Chyawanprash is filled with the natural anti-oxidants. It helps in maintaining the nourishment for all the body tissues. Chyawanprash helps in improving the quality of semen in male and ovum in the female. According to the traditional textbook, it helps to balance the Tridosha at the level of the reproductive system in male and females, cleanse the semen and ovum and helps to relieve anomalies. According to the Ayurveda concept, having a perfectly hale and healthy body is a prerequisite for good sex power. As it improves the nourishment of all the body tissues it indirectly helps in sex power increase.

Assists in Purifying blood:

People who lead a busy stressful life rely on the junk food most of the times that leads to enter the toxins in our body. These toxins create complications in our body. Chyawanprash is a unique mixture of the various herbs that help cleanse the blood and balance in the body’s natural processes. It acts as a natural detoxifying supplement that eliminates the impurities of the blood.

One of the major is to boost the immune system:

Our body is attacked by various bacteria, viruses, dust, infections and also as the weather changes we get affected by the viral diseases. Our body system fights all these enemies. But this goes for few people. However, there are many people who have the low immune system that gets vulnerable from infections and viral diseases. This happens mostly to the children as they are still developing their immune system. Children get affect easily from the diseases than the adults as they grow differently. Children are not that strong to handle the day to day environmental factors that lead to harm their body with various infections and allergies. A  strong immune system helps a child to provide a defense against various bacteria and influenza. It is impossible to keep a child germproof, germs are abundant everywhere.

To live a healthy life, you should purify your blood regularly. You can use this by using some certain herbs. Environmental pollution, lifestyle changes, Unhealthy food and decreased level of exercise and over-consumption of the animal products which leads to the accumulation of the harmful toxins in the blood. Impure blood may cause some serious health problems like pigmentation of the skin, poor diet, heart disease, poor immunity, and cancer.

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash

Liver. Kidney, lungs, heart are the main body organs which are responsible for removing harmful toxins and waste products from our body. So it is very important to keep these organs healthy and help them working efficiently with the detoxification.

Why is it important to purify the blood?

Organs are transmitted to the various organs of the body. So if your blood contains toxins then these also will get deposited to the organs and it may lead to impaired functioning of the organs.

Detoxification helps you to get rid of the waste products. Therefore it helps us in detoxify and clean the kidneys. It improves the functioning of the liver and enhances the functioning of the brain.

The four causes of the low immune system:

  • Stress
  • Not enough exercise
  • Lack of sleep
  • Improper nutrition

Stress: Nearly all of us go through the stress and lately stress rate is getting high day by day. A headache, chest pounding, uneasiness and overall tense feeling are the traits of stress. These factors effect on the health which leads to the immune system to work harder to protect against these factors. At times suppressing the immune system makes it harder to and cause severely compromised. Short-term suppression of the immune system is not dangerous. However, chronic depression leaves the body vulnerable to the infections.

Not enough exercise: Your body’s immune system will be not at its best if your lifestyle is too deskbound. For a better immune system, you need to workout and exercise daily which will help function of the neutrophils. These are the kind of cells which will remove the unwanted and dangerous microorganisms that will be too severe for your health.

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash

Lack of sleep: If you don’t know, lack of sleep is also a big cause for low immunity system. Lack of sleep, tiredness, weariness are the main causes of fatigue. Some of the common causes of fatigue are physical exertion, inactivity of work, unhealthy eating habits. Excess fatigue effects the low immune system. Experts have conducted research on the immune system that it is a natural way of protecting us from various viral diseases, the results have shown that enhancing the immune system to fight off the diseases helps in increasing the energy. This will help in reducing the fatigue.

Improper nutrition: Our body needs to be consumed with a lot of vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system. Poor diet especially which is combined with a lack of exercise. It is vital to consume a well-balanced assortment of food which includes fruits, vegetables that provides nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and anti-oxidants which will help in increasing the immune system of the body. Fats such as polyunsaturated fats which will suppress the immune system.

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash:

The primary benefit of consuming this iron-filled paste is bringing down the energy level and bacterial infection to a certain amount. The anti-oxidants of this paste strengthen the internal defense mechanism, helping our body against various infections.

Chyawanprash is considered as the natural immune booster which is blended with the iron, vitamin C. However, over these years, this ayurvedic paste has some transformation regarding preparation. Unfortunately, amidst all the change in the lifestyle and preference were given to exotic foreign products over natural home grown, The original Chyawanprash has lost somewhere. Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash has come up with our version of Chyawanprash with more natural herbs and different flavors on the immune booster.

Some of the valuable ingredients in the Chyawanprash are:

Amla: It is the core herb that is used in Best Chyawanprash of India. This herb is the best food absorber, balances stomach acids, easy and smooth functions of the liver. It also helps in enhancing the brain cells. It also eliminates the toxins and fertility, helps in the urinary system, etc. This herb contains a lot of anti-oxidants that helps in making the skin healthy and glow.

Harda: This herb helps to have a balanced digestive system. It also boosts the cognitive ability. It also helps in balancing the inner condition of the metabolism activity. It is used in the best Chyawanprash for health. It is used in the prevention of the inflammation, constipation, jaundice, cough, cold and various viral diseases.

Sugar and honey: Unrefined sugar and honey play a vital role in the Chyawanprash paste. They act as an Anupam, A carrier of the herbs. They bring that saccharine and syrupy taste to the paste.

Before you pick any Chyawanprash product, you need to know that the most popular one contains artificial sweeteners which have unreasonable effects. This ayurvedic Chyawanprash is an online product which doesn’t have any side-effects. Our product is a formulation of the 27 herbs which helps in healing every organ of the body from various viral diseases. This is formulated and manufactured under an ayurvedic specialist  V.V.Tayyade. Use of the chemical ingredients makes the product different from as compared to the ancient formulated recipes. In summer, there is a greater chance of getting stronger immunity.

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash is the Best Chyawanprash for Women, men, and kids.

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash

Women tend to have the poorer immunity system as compared to the men. The reason behind it nowadays, it has become difficult to maintain the balance between the work and the house chores. In this hustle bustle, they forget to take care of themselves hence Chyawanprash is suggested to them. It is also used as the anti-aging tonic. Basically, Amla has the properties that benefit in the skin nourishment from within along with the improvement of the cell functions. This in turns the reduction of the greying of the hair and also prevents the wrinkles on the skin. The properties in the Chyawanprash has the delaying anti-aging cells. Chyawanprash enhances the functioning of the heart by strengthening the heart muscles, regulating heartbeat and improve the capacity of pumping.

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash is one of the best Chywanprash brands in India, it is one of the best available sources to balance the doshas in the body. It is known to promote the overall health by acting and helping almost all the mechanisms in the body. It is 100% pure and without the addition of any chemicals and has no side-effects. Chyawanprasha Immunity booster, this is one of the best gifts from Amruta pharma for you and your family.

How much should you take it?

One to two tablespoons along with the glass of milk; prefer warm milk, every morning before breakfast and after dinner.

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