Under the Supervision of Our Chief Advisor Dr. V.V Tayade

A study analyze published in the noted medical journal Lancet says, “India is just behind US and China in this global hazard of obesity list of top 10 countries with highest number of fat gained people. While we are in mission to help such people, it’s amazing that India is getting the world’s best formula that cannot be compared with any other ayurvedic product. WHY? Ayurvedic diet for weight loss is very effective and essential that is directly formulated with the team of doctors under the supervision of our Chief Advisor Dr. V.V Tayade. The essential part of this formula is easy weight loss, no side effects and has ancient specification.

Here is a Step Guide for Best Results without Any Complaints

1. How to eat this Linto Weight loss Capsules?
The capsule is 100% natural without any side effects, so when you buy this product you have to take this capsule twice a day, in the afternoon and night before half an hour of eating your lunch and dinner.

2. How many months should I take this Capsule?
You have to take this Capsule for at least three months. This will complete your course and you will really be happy for your natural treatment.

3. How effective these capsules can reduce my weight?
This product is very effective for you when you do not skip any capsules intake during your treatment. Effectiveness also comes when you don’t try to add something else to the treatment like eating less (dieting), having more of cholesterol food or also behaving like you cannot control the intake of food.

4. How will I know this is effective for my body?
As you keep eating this capsule you will definitely feel easy fat burning. Don’t worry for anything accepts for taking the capsules on time. You will see the change yourself.

5. Is Linto plus suitable for all people?
Linto plus Capsules can be taken by both men & women. It does not specifically targets any gender. Anyone can take this medication with or without medical condition/consultation.

6. From what age can this Product be consumed?
Every one aging above 18 years can take this diet for weight loss.

7. Is there a possibility of Gaining Weight after my treatment is over?
Linto Plus helps in increase of easy and fast digestive system. Gives excellent metabolism rate which maintains your body shape, however it is essential for you to stop eating more than enough. This will keep your body fit.

8. If the person is suffering from high blood pressure can he take this capsule?
Linto plus is completely safe for blood pressure patients as it contains ingredients which helps to reduce blood pressure. Still there is a need to consult with your physician doctor and make sure none of the ingredients will affect your heart rate.

9. Is it important to follow a diet or an exercise regime for the medicine to work?
It’s not important to follow a strict diet or exercise, this intake of Linto Capsules easily helps to enhance your body shape.


Amruta Pharma has also taken an initiative to give free health care consultation to numerous customers by directly guiding them for day to day queries for the product they are using like If you buy or want to buy the product you get your first call from us that helps you to understand and get the full knowledge about the product.
This FREE CONSULTATION is absolutely without any charges. And this service continues till you are regular user. After the first call from our consultant, you will get a concerned called after every 10 days which will help us to update how you are feeling after taking the medicines, your queries, your questions and more related to our product and their usage. For more information on, How to lose belly fat for women fast or for man contact us.

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