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Mastani Face Cream For Oily Skin

Product Code: MFC0011
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Buy online best selling Indian ayurvedic mastani oily face mositurizer cream to help in making skin smooth, glowing & fairness without any side effect. Amruta Pharma is an India’s 1st Pharmaceutical Company providing post sales service for you.


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Description: - Mastani Oily Skin Cream is been introduced for those who suffer from oily skin. Made with 15 extracts of herbs, it prevents the skin to stop producing oil unnecessarily and also gives the exact treatment to the skin when applied. Remember, though the oil is important for the skin, it should be balanced while it is produced in the body. By applying this cream skin experiences the change in becoming softer and smoother. Also prevents from getting oily lines which leads to boils and other problems. Best Cream for Oily Skin is actually more effective than other expensive chemical formula. 


Claim :- The 10 selected Ayurvedic herbs are used to make this cream.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an excellent powerful agent for sunburn, acne problems and inflammatory issues. The antioxidants are available in this herb which helps to regenerate the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in treating blemishes, acne and other skin problems. Aloe Vera herb is widely used in Face Cream for Oily Skin.

Neem Patra

Works as anti-fungal and antibacterial for solving all the problems for sensitive to oily skin, it contains Vitamin C which helps to get rid of blackheads, dullness, pigmentation and aging etc. Healthy supplements in the composition making of Face Cream for Oily Skin.


Salmli herb contains white fiber and the gum of this herb has plenty of uses. The gum relieves sores, wounds on skin, etc. It is very special herb which was used in ancient times. Widely used in Face Cream for Oily Skin. Perfectly helps in curing healing skin issues. 


Lodhra is a divine herb for oily skin. It is the most useful in solving female issues. It helps detoxifying blood, makes skin attractive and gives glow. It has absorbing property hence provides cooling effectively. Best for Face Cream for Oily Skin, this herb is widely used in all skin care products.  


Very useful in production of Face Cream for Oily Skin, it is a very strong antioxidant. Also reduces clot formation, enhances prostaglandin E (2) levels, reduces and lowers blood lipid levels which contribute towards the management of hypertension. 

Lemon Peel

Rich in citric acid, very useful ingredients that is used in Cream for Oily Skin, it amazingly works in skin whitening. Completely reduces scars and gives fairer skin complexion. It works powerfully for blood vessels, acts as antibacterial, lessen the symptoms of eye disorders and so. 

Lemon Juice

Very useful in skin healing, freshens breath, improves your skin quality, promotes hydration, supports weight loss, and helps prevent kidney stones. It is specifically used in Oily Skin Cream. It protects the body against immune system deficiencies. 

Orange Peel

Helpful in reducing chances of constipation, reducing gas, heartburn and vomiting and also gives the best aroma in Face Cream for Oily Skin. Instead of just using the original peels, it is widely used in Mastani Cream of Oily Face. 

Orange Juice

A good source of vitamin C easily boosts immune system with allowing a complete cure to the skin. Reduces inflammation and give radiant skin. Used widely in Cream for Oily Skin and overall improves the skin condition. Apart from improving the face conditions, it also lowers bad cholesterol level in the body. 


Perfect for Skin Lightening, Mastani Oily Skin Cream helps in improving the respiratory disorders smoothening of tone soothes the acne prone sensitive skin and even helps eliminating pimples/acne. It brightens the skin, fades dark marks and pimples, etc. It is the most essential ingredients in the composition of the Oily Skin Cream, most useful herb in any ayurvedic medicinal composition. 


Usheer contains about 4-9% of self generated natural alcohol in it. Hence it is beneficial for skin diseases. This keeps your skin away from most skin diseases such as scars, pimple picks, and skin infections. Specific herb used in Fairness Cream for Oily Skin.

Tankan Khar

Tankankhar is an ayurvedic medicine which is a mineral compound. It boosts the immunity, fights bacterial and fungal infection, It is widely used in the treatment of productive cough, bronchitis, and wheezing, asthma and chest congestion. It attacks the microbial bacteria, hence is used in making of Cream for Oily Skin. 


Treats headache, laziness, mental stress, and emotional problems, it also focuses in correcting skin diseases. Widely used in natural skin products such as Cream for Oily Skin.


This herb is very useful in healing the oily skin, skin issues and other irrelevant skin diseases. Perfectly works against fungal infections. Gives best quality of skin texture and tone. It is amazingly used in face Cream for Oily Skin.

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